About us

This page tells you a little bit about our Purplebear’s photography story. Many years ago, we made a website about flowers (Well, mostly purple flowers since that’s my favorite color). We needed photos for the site, so my husband took some with a point and shoot camera. His interest in photography started then.

Our next website/blog began on a bit of a whim. We saw a hummingbird feeder while grocery shopping. The cost was not that much, so we purchased it. I had never seen a hummingbird before and became fascinated with these magical little creatures. Since that time, we’ve grown their favorite flowers in pots on our deck as well as some in our flower beds. Having them visit us each year created a whole lot of hummingbird photos. A new website/blog was born featuring photos of hummingbirds and flowers that attract them. My husband then purchased a DSLR camera to try to improve the quality of the photos and he’s been hooked on photography ever since.

We decided to try selling some of our photographs at a site called Zazzle and have had a little bit of success. Most sales have come from our photography being featured in calendars, greeting cards, garden flags, photos and postcards. We also have a few products for sale on other websites.

We’ll never get rich selling our photography online, but we really enjoy our time taking photos. Most of our photography has come from our garden and a wildlife refuge where we go walking quite frequently. We love being able to relax on our deck watching hummingbirds come for visits and being fortunate to spend time with birds, deer, rabbits and other wildlife at the wildlife refuge. Thanks for reading our story and any comments, positive or negative, are greatly appreciated.